Emissions laboratory equipped with different systems for evaluation of gaseous and particulate pollutants:
  • Exhaust gas standard analyzers MEXA 7000DEGR and FTIR gas analyzer MEXA 6000FT
  • Fast analyzers for CO/CO2, and NO/NOx Cambustion NDIR500 and CLD500
  • On board emissions analyzer OBS-2200: CO, CO2, THC, NOx, H2O
  • Smoke meters and opacity meters AVL415 and 439
  • Scanning mobility particle sizer, condensation particle counter and engine exhaust particle sizer
  • Soot and SOF particle dynamic analyzer MEXA 1230 PM
  • Micro-tunnel dilution systems
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Phone: +34 963877650   E-mail: cmt@mot.upv.es  Web: https://www.cmt.upv.es/