THIESEL 2014 is the eight edition of this conference and it has gained a consolidated position as a meeting point between industry, research institutions and academia involved in R&D for automotive engines. Considering that engine science and technology have evolved during these years, with new emerging engine concepts, and that the frontiers between spark-ignition and compression-ignition are becoming more and more diffuse, in 2012, the conference renewed its name to THIESEL Conference on ‘Thermo- and Fluid-Dynamic Processes in Direct Injection Engines’. This gave it a boost, which proved that in such a technological context, it was reasonable to exploit R&D synergies and enhance the exchange of valuable knowledge and experience.


      It is generally agreed that the internal combustion engine will remain the main propulsion system for vehicles in the next 20 to 30 years and furthermore, will remain present even in hybrid and electrified vehicles. Therefore, innovative research on combustion engines represents a most promising way to a substantial reduction of pollutant emissions, until new solutions based on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies may reach their maturity.


      Innovation, however, calls for important research efforts. On the combustion side, further development for advanced control strategies and hardware able to fully exploit the flexibility provided by modern multiple injection systems will be required. Regarding other engine processes, advances will also be necessary in the thermal and air management of the engine, in response to foreseen demands for a precise control of heat flows, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and turbo-charging system operation. Also, it is likely that new and challenging issues regarding after-treatment technology and engine noise abatement will arise.


      The outlook allows for an optimistic view on the potential of clean and silent combustion engine technologies. However, their eventual success depends on the academic researchers’ awareness of the automotive industry needs and on the will of automotive industry to invest in medium-to-long term basic research.


      The main objective of THIESEL 2014 is to contribute to this success by attracting good quality papers from both Industry and Academia, describing the most recent developments and latest innovations relative to thermo-and fluid dynamic processes in direct injection engines, and by facilitating the exchange of valuable knowledge and experience between the main actors of the automotive R&D sector.

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