Preliminary review of cetane number effects on combustion characteristics between differently-sized engines

J. LI, T.J. JACOBS Texas A&M University (USA) T. BERA, M. PARKES Shell Global Solutions (USA)


A novel optical experimental suite for CI combustion characterization

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Formation of NO2 in a commercial vehicle Diesel engine

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Cycle variation of velocity and size of droplets in Diesel sprays near injector nozzle

K. UDAGAWA, H. SUZUKI, T. MITA Isuzu (Japan) K. KOMADA, H. UEKI Nagasaki University (Japan)


Experimental and numerical investigations on pressure loss of compressible flow at exhaust manifold T-junctions

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ICPS based combustion control synthesis for Diesel engines

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Application of Reactivity Stratified Compression Ignition (RSCI) to large-size gas engines

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Calculating Diesel physical properties at injection pressures and temperatures using atomistic simulation methods

A. VERMA, I. RUDRA Shell India Markets (India) D. DOYLE, R. CRACKNELL Shell Global Solutions (UK)


A study on improving thermal efficiency of a natural gas Diesel-dual-fuel engine by enhancing dispersion of pilot Diesel spray



Infrared emission detection as a fuel-vapor penetration diagnostic

E. MANCARUSO, L. SEQUINO Istituto Motori-CNR (Italy)W.E. EAGLE, M.P.B. MUSCULUS Sandia National Laboratories (USA) L-M. MALBEC IFP Energies Nouvelles (France)


Neutron imaging of advanced transportation technologies

T.J. TOOPS, C.E.A. FINNEY, E.J. NAFZIGER, D. SPLITTER, H. BILHEUX Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)


Model experiments of flow through exhaust valves

M. WINROTH, C.L. FORD, P.H. ALFREDSSON. KTH Royal Institute Of Technology (Sweden)


DPF investigations: comparison of soot issued from Diesel and naphtha combustion

C. CHAILLOU, A. BOUET Aramco Fuel Research Center (France) F. DUFFOUR, A. FROBERT IFP Energies Nouvelles (France)


Lagrangian particle tracking of Diesel particulate matters for different annular pipe sizes

P. TALEBIZADEHSARDARI, H. RAHIMZADEH Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran). G. AHMADI Clarckson University (USA) R. BROWN Queensland University of Technology (Australia)


Ignition characteristics of jet fuel at elevated pressure and temperature conditions

J. E. TEMME, V.D. COBURN, C.B.KWEON U.S. Army Research Laboratory (USA)


Fuel economy and emission characteristics of naphtha fuel in a dual injection SI engine

Y.R. KIM, G.B. CHO, S.Y. LEE Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (South Korea)

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